SME Risk Assessment in Bank Quality for Everyone!

The usual risk evaluation methods for SMEs are outdated.

It's time for a digital revolution.


The CoRa grade is easy to understand and meets the highest quality standards.


Applied for by the SME within a few minutes, without any additional effort or costs for you!


Get the information you need. Protect your business partners from abuse!

The best credit rating for any situation

The CoRa-Certificate combines different assessment approaches to create the best possible SME risk assessment. Meets the highest quality requirements & is versatile.

Fragen Sie das CoRa-Zertifikat an

To secure trade credits

For financial and credit transactions

To better understand business partners

And for much more

Cost savings & outsourcing

Outsource complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive processes to experts - focus your resources on the essentials!

Improved risk assessment

Get a risk assessment that combines financial metrics and network information - The best of both worlds!

The digital future of SME valuation

Be part of the digital revolution in SME assessment - The new standard for Digital Trust!

Better business relations

Use a service that benefits both you and your SME partners - Create a win-win.

The CoRa-Certificate

Versatile, user-friendly for SMEs, and free of charge for you


CoRa is a cooperation between Ratyng and Intrum. The CoRa-Certificate meets the highest requirements for quality & safety.


Zurich based start-up

The Zurich-based start-up is revolutionizing SME risk assessment for banks through their digital approach


Leading credit agency

Intrum is one of the leading credit reporting agencies and already offers credit reports to its customers today

Using the CoRa-Certificate

CoRa can be fully integrated into your existing processes, without any additional effort or cost to you.

Accept CoRa-Certificates

100% digital & fully integrated in existing processes.

1. You want to better understand an SME business partner

You ask your business partner for a CoRa-Certificate.

2. Your business partner applies for the CoRa-Certificate

In minutes, your SME partner has applied for the CoRa-Certificate. We check the company and create the certificate within 48 hours.

3. You receive the certificate & take the best possible decision

You receive the certificate from the SME and get a comprehensive picture of your partner at a glance. The CoRa-Certificate contains all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Questions or interest in CoRa?

We are at your disposal at any time. Write us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your request is important to us!