Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, simply contact us directly via the contact form!

Application for the CoRa-Certificate

Simply fill in the required information and financial data of your company on the CoRa website under 'Create certificate'. We will arrange everything else.
You will need general information about your company as well as the latest financial statement, i.e. the balance sheet and income statement. Have these two documents ready to upload as well.
In principle, a CoRa-Certificate can be created for all SMEs that have a financial statement available. There are individual industries that have special requirements. If you notice during the application that an automatic creation is not possible for your company, please contact us.
We will send you the CoRa-Certificate by email as soon as we have checked your data. Usually this is 48 hours after application.
We check your financial statements as well as the internal structure of the balance sheet based on your information.

Use of the CoRa-Certificate

In principle, a CoRa-Certificate is valid for an unlimited period. However, we do not recommend accepting certificates whose balance sheet date is more than 18 months old. Since every company has a new balance sheet with more recent information every year, a new CoRa-Certificate should be requested in such cases.
The CoRa-Certificate can be used as often as you like, there are no restrictions on how often or for what purposes you use your certificate.
When creating the certificate, a digital fingerprint (a hash) is calculated and secured at our partner Certifaction. Through theVerification tool a certificate can be checked for its authenticity. This makes it impossible to forge a certificate.

How the CoRa grade works

The CoRa grade is calculated from the scores provided by Ratyng and Intrum.
Intrum accesses public company data and additionally Intrum's immense database of up to date payment information to calculate the score. Ratyng calculates the score based on your company's financial ratios. The models follow the same logic as used today by large banks when granting loans, in order to be able to assess the highest risks with certainty.