The current types of risk assessment for SMEs are outdated

We evaluate SMEs using models similar to those used by banks when granting loans. As an independent third party, we represent the interests of the SME. In this way, we open up the same opportunities for SMEs as international rating agencies already create for large companies today.

Use your CoRa-Certificate:

Towards suppliers

For trusting business relationships

For credit transactions

As a signal on your website

In daily business transactions

Digital credit report

You have been asked for a CoRa-Certificate?

Simple, fast and digital - Provide your company's financial information and receive your certificate within the next 48 hours.

Full protection
of private data

Data security is our top priority. CoRa never provides data about your company to third parties

Active signaling
of quality

Show your business partners that your company is financially stable

Understanding of
your own situation

Easy to understand explanation of the CoRa grade & recommendations for improvement

Unlimited use
of the certificate

Once created, the certificate is valid for 12 months and can be used indefinitely


The revolution in SME risk assessment!

CHF 149 Introductory price